The Procedure to Update Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card

By | June 13, 2018

The correction and updating of the registered mobile number might be required owing to the following situations:

  • In the event, the mobile number linked to the Aadhaar Card is lost
  • Just in case of mobile number with Aadhaar isn’t active or has been deactivated by the service provider
  • If you have changed your mobile number
  • Just in case you haven’t provided any mobile number whilst registering for Aadhaar Card

Therefore, the above-mentioned situations might be the grounds for which you might bring in a need of updating or correcting the registered mobile number in Aadhaar Card.

Short of having the activated mobile number linked with your Aadhaar Card, you might not be capable of performing several tasks or obtain numerous notifications whilst your Aadhaar Number is utilized anywhere, thus, it might be better to get your mobile number corrected or updated right away.

The procedure to get your Mobile Number updated was pretty easy and simple since there used to be an online option provided on the UIDAI Portal to correct or modify the mobile number. But owing to a few security measures, the UIDAI has superseded this facility of getting the mobile number updated with your Aadhaar Card Online. Therefore, at this point in time, this procedure might solely be performed by going to the nearby Aadhaar Center or Aadhaar Kendra in the Bank or any Post Office.

Thus, in this article or tutorial, we are going to tell you about the steps that you need to follow to get the insights on how to update mobile number in Aadhaar Card.

The procedure of getting your mobile number updated with your Aadhaar by going to the nearby Aadhaar Center is pretty easy and it might not require several documents, the Aadhaar holder only needs to be physically available at the Aadhaar Center to get his or her mobile number corrected or updated.

Procedure to Update Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card

You need to carry a photocopy of your Aadhaar Card together with the original eAadhaar Card. Apart from that, you also have to take an ID Proof as well as an Address Proof Document.

Go to the nearby Aadhaar Kendra of your location and in case you aren’t aware of the adjacent Aadhaar Kendra location then you may previously need to check it online.

When you reach the Aadhaar Center, you have to take a Correction or Update Form and fill in the necessary details that have been inquired in that form. Ensure that you provide the new mobile number which you require to updating or correcting and then submit the form to the executive together with the Aadhaar’s photocopy and the photocopies of the ID Proof and Address Proof.

After that, the operator is going to feed in the details in the Aadhaar Software and moreover the mobile number that you need to update is going to be entered. As soon as the details are going to be entered, your fingerprints will be taken for authentication.

As soon as your fingerprints get matched successfully, your update request is going to be directed to the UIDAI.

After the approval followed up the verification is done by the UIDAI, your new mobile number is going to be updated in your Aadhaar Card, which is going to take anything around 1-2 weeks.

At the Aadhaar Kendra, you are going to get the Aadhaar Update Receipt, which you require keeping safely with you up until your new mobile number has been updated with the Aadhaar Card.

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