Everything You Need to Know About Updating Details in your Aadhaar Card

By | June 23, 2018

The UIDAI is the individual body that is responsible for issuing the Unique Identification Number or Aadhaar Number on the basis of biometric and demographic information that is submitted by the resident.

Though in case there is any update or change that you need to make to your Aadhaar Card Address, it is the sole duty of the Aadhaar Card Holder to get the data updated by online mode on the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India. If there are some other particulars that you need to change apart from the Address you need to go to the nearby Aadhaar Center in your locality.

You must continually keep your registered mobile number active along with your Aadhaar Card, since it is going to assist the holder to utilize the OTP Authentication Service, and anyhow if your primary mobile number has not been updated with your Aadhaar Card or mobile number which is previously linked to your Aadhaar Card isn’t active anymore then you must get that done then and there. The same thing moreover relates to the email id since keeping your email ID updated with the Aadhaar Card allows you to obtain well-timed notifications as well as alerts regarding your Aadhaar Card.

Here we have listed down the things that you require knowing about changing the details linked to your Aadhaar Card:

Change or Update Details in Your Aadhaar Card

The Aadhaar Card Holder must keep the details up to date in the Aadhaar Card, which permits you to benefit from all the services delivered by the government deprived of any difficulty.

The Aadhaar Holder might be able to correct or update the address linked to your Aadhaar Card Online by logging on to the UIDAI Official Portal; the sole requirement will be that you must have your mobile number updated with the Aadhaar Number to get the overall OTP authentication done to perform the modifications in your Address. This capability of getting your address updated by means of the UIDAI Portal is solely for the people who have previously registered for Aadhaar. Once you have submitted the Address Update Request you might be able to verify the status of the update that you made to your Address in the Aadhaar Card Online through the official website of UIDAI when you click on the Check Status option.

Changing or Updating the Information such as the Email id, Mobile Number, Name, Gender, and Biometrics might not be performed online since it needs biometric verification of the Aadhaar Card Holder, which might solely be changed by going to the nearby Aadhaar Card Center or Kendra.

As soon as you have provided the Address update request in your Aadhaar, it is going to take around 2 -3 weeks so as to get your request processed, after the verification the Address is going to be updated and linked with your Aadhaar Card and after that you might be capable of downloading your Aadhaar Card having the updated address from the Download Aadhaar Option given on the official website of UIDAI. Still, you are also going to obtain a fresh copy of your Aadhaar Card which is going to be sent to you at the postal address that you provided or updated.

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