How to Download AADHAAR Card Using the AADHAAR Number

By | July 6, 2018

AADHAAR is the 12-digit unique identification number, which has been issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for all the Indian citizens in support of the Indian Government. The AADHAAR card might be availed by all the individuals and it works for both identification and address proofs.

Whenever the registration process is finalized successfully, the concerned person may download the AADHAAR card using the AADHAAR number through online means and then take a printout for future usage.

The procedure of downloading the AADHAAR card online is really easy. The candidates are going to require having a computer along with a working internet connection so as to perform the download. To download you AADHAAR card, a person is going to further require his/her AADHAAR number.

The person who desires to obtain a hard copy of the AADHAAR may think about how can they download and then take a printout. Described below are the steps that you have to follow so as to download your e-AADHAAR card with a lot of ease.

AADHAAR Card Download with Enrollment Number

  • Log on to the e-AADHAAR website.
  • Select out of ‘Enrolment ID’ or ‘AADHAAR’.
  • Fill up your Enrolment ID or AADHAAR number along with the other particulars like name, PIN code, mobile number, etc.
  • After that, you have to click on the ‘Get One Time Password’.
  • The OTP is going to be sent to the number provided by the applicant during registration.
  • Provide the OTP sent to your registered number and then click on ‘Validate & Download’.
  • The e-AADHAAR card is then going to be downloaded.

So as to open your e-AADHAAR card, you are going to require entering a password since the file has been password protected. This password is going to be of 8-characters that will be the initial 4 letters of your name in CAPITAL LETTERS along with the complete year of your birth. It is significant to recall that the birth year, as well as the name, must be identical to the one confirmed by the candidate in the course of the AADHAAR registration.

Download AADHAAR Card Using AADHAAR Number

AADHAAR card might effortlessly be printer just by opening the certified official website of UIDAI. Different from the Voter ID card or the PAN card, the procedure to obtain a print of your AADHAAR card is really modest. A digital print of your AADHAAR card is deliberated like a legal AADHAAR letter. Through making use of the AADHAAR number, originally known as the Unique Identification Number (UID), an applicant might get the AADHAAR card online.

While a citizen applies for an AADHAAR card, he or she gets an acknowledgment slip together with the reference particulars. The slip comprises of the fundamental information together with the enrolment number as well as a time stamp. A person might either make use of the EID or UID to reclaim his or her E-AADHAAR card.

The steps that you need to follow to download & print the AADHAAR card are mentioned below:

  • Log on to, which is the website that offers all the AADHAAR related facilities.
  • Go through the segment ‘AADHAAR enrolment’ below the ‘AADHAAR online services’
  • Then you have to click on the ‘Download AADHAAR’ option
  • All the cardholders are then going to be passed on to the
  • Relying on whether the person possesses the EID or UID, choose the suitable option
  • After that, you need to type your Enrolment /AADHAAR number
  • Then, after filling up all the personal details asked, you have to click on ‘Get One Time Password (OTP)’ button
  • The cardholders are then going to obtain the OTP on their registered phone number within a few minutes time
  • Then you have to enter the OTP to authorize the request and then click on the download button
  • The AADHAAR card is going to be downloaded in PDF
  • The applicant is going to require Adobe Reader or any other PDF file reader to open that document
  • Since the file is password protected you need to enter the initial four letters of your name in CAPITAL LETTERS along with the year of your birth as the password

As soon as the AADHAAR card holder is capable of viewing the AADHAAR card, they may be able to take a printout of the card and generate it anywhere necessary. Bearing in mind the fact that the e-copy of your AADHAAR card is satisfactory like a legal proof, a person doesn’t need to care about the concerns of misplacing the physical card.

Download AADHAAR Card using Name & Date of Birth

As soon as the AADHAAR is sanctioned, the candidate might not require waiting to obtain it via post at their posting address. In its place, they might as well download it straight through online means. One of the finest methods to obtain the AADHAAR is through online download. But, it’s essential to possess the AADHAAR card number or AADHAAR enrolment number so as to download it. If any applicant has misplaced his or her AADHAAR/Enrolment number, then that person may download the e-AADHAAR card using his or her name along with the date of birth.

Initially, the applicant is going to log on to the official UIDAI website.

They afterward need to fill up all the particulars such as name, postal address, and mobile number in the space provided and according to the details provided at the time of registration or enrollment.

When the applicant enters his or her details, the people are going to require clicking on “Get OTP”. Following the verification process from the database of UIDAI, he/she is going to obtain an OTP on the registered mobile number.

After getting the OTP, enter it and click Submit. The candidate is going to obtain an SNS or Email using the enrolment ID information when they click the submit button.

Whenever he or she receives the AADHAAR enrolment number, the applicant may then visit the e-AADHAAR webpage provided on the website of UIDAI.

After that, you need to click the “I Have” choice and check the enrolment ID box.

Then, type your name, AADHAAR number, and the pin code.

Following that, the person is going to enter the text displayed in the image.

The applicant must not forget entering the registered mobile number near the textbox and click Get OTP.

The candidate is then going to obtain an OTP, which you need to enter in the box provided.

As soon as every step has been completed by you click on the “done” button and then click “validate and download” choice and the procedure of downloading your AADHAAR number with the DOB and name is done.

How to Download AADHAAR Card with AADHAAR/Enrollment Number

The acknowledgment slip comprises of significant details that are going to assist the applicants in attaining the AADHAAR card. One among the majorly significant information they are going to locate is the enrollment number together with the time stamp. Making use of the EID as well as the time stamp, they might be able to download their AADHAAR card by visiting the UIDAI’s official website. The steps that you require following are as follows:

  • Log on to the
  • Click on the Download AADHAAR option provided below the AADHAAR Online Services.
  • The AADHAAR card holders are then going to be redirected to the e-AADHAAR website.
  • Then you have to use the acknowledgment slip to fill up the 14-digit EID together with the time stamp
  • After that, fill up the remaining details to generate the One Time Password.
  • The OTP is going to be sent only to the registered mobile phone number
  • Fill up the OTP to certify the request
  • The e-AADHAAR card is going to be automatically downloaded to the device which the person is using
  • Utilize the 8-character password to open that PDF file, which is the combination of the first 4 letters of your name in capital letters and the year of your birth.
  • The e-AADHAAR might be downloaded as well as opened using your name and birth year for printing.

In case the applicants don’t possess their enrollment details or acknowledgment slip, they might be able to refer to the UIDAI’s website to recover the misplaced EID. Below we have described what you require doing:

  • Log on to
  • Below the segment titled AADHAAR Online Services, choose the Retrieve Lost ‘UID/EID’ option
  • Provide your name, email or mobile number, and the security CAPTCHA to obtain the OTP
  • Applicants are going to obtain an OTP on the mobile number provided at the time of enrollment
  • Utilize that OTP to certify the request
  • After OTP verification, they will be provided with the enrolment details

How to Print AADHAAR Card?

As soon as the cardholder has obtained their respective AADHAAR Card from the official website using the Enrolment/AADHAAR number, he/she might be able to print it easily. To get that card printed, the person has to initially open the downloaded PDF file making use of any PDF file reader software. Once the file gets opened, one may get the printout through CTRL+P command or by clicking the ‘Print’ button given inside the ‘File’ drop-down menu.

In case the cardholder is short of a printer, then he or she may copy that downloaded PDF file in a pen drive and go to a place where they are able to get that file’s printout.

The procedure of printing the original or the duplicate AADHAAR card online is identical. In case the cardholder has misplaced his or her AADHAAR card, then the might be able to print the duplicate card via following the steps that we have mentioned above. In case they can’t recollect the Enrolment ID and AADHAAR number, it might be recovered online on UIDAI official website.

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