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How to Link Aadhaar Card with Driving License Online

The Aadhaar Card has gradually but rapidly turned out to be one among the majorly significant documents to have for a citizen of India. The Unique Identification Authority of India, under the administration of the Indian Government, is now preparing to turn linking the Aadhaar Card with your driving license compulsory. The stride is in the persistence of… Read More »

Easy Steps to Generate an AADHAAR Virtual ID Online

An Aadhaar Virtual ID is a temporary code that is 16-digit long that might be utilized for Aadhaar verifications. You might be able to offer the UIDAI virtual ID in place of the Aadhaar number to the agencies or organizations and defend your Aadhaar information from being opened by somebody else. You might offer the Aadhaar virtual ID… Read More »

What is Blue Colored ‘Baal Aadhaar’ card?

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has lately launched a new blue coloured Aadhaar card or ‘Baal Aadhaar’ card for children aged less than five years. For joining a child for ‘Baal Aadhaar’ card, the child’s birth credential and the Aadhaar card number of one of the parents is essential, stated UIDAI in a tweet on its… Read More »