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By | July 3, 2018

AADHAAR card is a 12-digit unique number allotted by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) by taking a person’s biometric details such as iris scan and fingerprints, and demographic information like date of birth and address.

You can check the status of your Aadhar card online and this service is provided by UIDAI. The user can check their updates, status and everything on their official website. The status can be checked online and by phone through SMS as well. Both of these processes are explained below.

The user can simply check the status of their Aadhar card by entering enrolment number, date and time given on the slip of acknowledgment.

As per the guidelines it can take up to 3 months to receive AADHAR card one you enroll at AADHAR card center.

Once your Aadhar is processed positively, you will receive the acknowledgment SMS to your registered number or your e-mail address. Once you receive the acknowledgment your status online and download the duplicate AADHAR card online. You need no wait for the original card to be delivered at home as the duplicates one has the same validity as the original one.

If you’ve not received any notification from UIDAI about your AADHAR card processing, you can still check your status online. For doing so, you’ll need the acknowledgment slip that was provided to you at the time of registration.

In the slip look for two things mentioned at the top:

  1. 14 digit enrollment number
  2. 14 digit date and time of enrollment

These present 28 digits from your temporary enrollment identity (EID). You need to enter these two items in the corresponding boxes in the card status.

Check Aadhar Status by Phone

To check your Aadhar card status by phone, you need to send an SMS “UID STATUS <14 digit enrolment number>” to 51969.

If your Aadhar card is generated and the SMS is sent from the phone number then you’ll receive the Aadhar card number, otherwise, only the current AADHAAR card status will be joined.

How to Check the Aadhaar Card Status Online

The user can check the status of his Aadhar card online by simply visiting on the UIDAI’s official website. There are no extra charges to check Aadhar card status. Follow the given steps to check your Aadhar card online:

Step 1

Firstly, go to Aadhaar card official website of UIDAI ( There are no additional charges for checking the Aadhar card status.

Step 2

Secondly, under Aadhar enrolment section under Aadhar online services, click on ‘Check Aadhaar Status’ option. You can also directly visit the link mentioned

Step 3

Thirdly, enter your enrolment ID, along with other essential details like date and time of enrolment, security code and click on the “Check Status” button.

Step 4

Fourthly, in case your Aadhaar is created, you will get a text concerning it and options to download your e-Aadhaar online or get it on your listed phone number.

Step 5

To download e-Aadhaar, click on the Download Aadhaar option.

Step 6                                 

You want to get your Aadhaar on mobile; you can select the Get Aadhaar on Mobile option.

Steps for Online Mobile/Phone Number Verification

You can also check the status of your Aadhar card through the mobile number of the applicant. But the user must bear in mind that the number given by them should be verified initially.

Let us have a look at the various steps through which the mobile number of the applicant can easily be verified:

Step 1

Initially, visit the UIDAI’S official website.

Step 2

Select the option, “Aadhar Services” located at the bottom of the screen displaying a link to ‘Enrolment/Download E- Aadhaar Update’.

Step 3

From here, the user can get automatically redirected to the Aadhar Kisok upon clicking on the above-mentioned option.

Step 4

 The user can find numerous options on the screen including Aadhar enrolment, updating of Aadhar and status check.

Step 5

 Now you need to click on the ‘Verify Email/Mobile’ option that is placed on the right side of the page.

Step 6

After doing the same, the user will be redirected to a different page where he’ll be asked to verify the registered mobile number provided by him/her.

Step 7

In the next step, type in certain details such as the 12 digit Aadhar number and also email ID or registered mobile number.

Step 8

After doing so, a security code will flash on your screen. Now, enter that code and click on the option ‘Generate Verification Code’ given on the page.

Step 9

 A verification code is then directly sent to the given registered mobile number. From here, enter the verification code received.

Step 10

Lastly, to complete the entire process click on the “Verify” option that appears on the screen.

If you don’t want to avail this service online, simply visit an Aadhar center and look for your enrolment number by providing the biometric details.


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