Aadhaar Face Authentication would be Mandatory for Telecom Companies to issue SIM Cards

By | September 10, 2018

UIDAI has taken another leading footstep which pursues to make facial recognition obligatory while authentication that necessitates Aadhaar. Facial recognition verification would be finalized by taking on-the-spot live pictures of the Aadhaar Holder, and if the face equals then only the face authentication would go fruitful. The whole protocol for implementing the facial recognition has been done to add a surplus layer when it comes to the security of the system.

Aadhaar Authentication Services are typically used to issue SIM, banks, public distribution system and office presence at government offices. With fiat application of facial recognition in Aadhaar Authentication, it would be an add-on feature along with the regular verification methods like prints and iris scan.

The measure is being applied following ‘official circulars’ sent by UIDAI (on June 19 and August 17) to Authentication User Agencies (AUAs), Authentication Service Agencies (ASAs), and proficient biometric device suppliers. Particular agencies who fail to tail the process will be preserved as a criminal felony by authentication agencies, illegal with detention and fine under Section 42 and 43 of the Aadhaar Act, 2016, as per the sources suggests.

The entire process marks the additional layer in the security system by implementing facial recognition in Aadhaar authentication. However, there were several occasions where inhabitants were been omitted from Aadhaar authentication as their prints were worn out due to old age, or due to their type of job. The institution of facial recognition in Aadhaar verification will be valuable to many of such inhabitants.

As per the sources, the new verification procedure that is facial recognition confirmation would be bowled out in stages and would be originally obligatory for SIM Card Provides of telecom workers. Telecom Companies are been directed that w.e.f 15th September 2018, at least 10% of confirmation should be completed using facial recognition every month. And those companies, who fail to satisfy this situation, would be charged 20 paise per transaction as a punishment.

UIDAI will inflate the usage of face recognition inside telecom and other service areas where exact directives will be issued on application of face recognition. With support and concern, this measure will strengthen the security system of the nation.

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