AADHAAR details will now be mandatory to create a new Facebook Account

By | July 19, 2018

There are 241 million Facebook users and they’re growing on a daily average which means authenticity is required. Here’s why now you need Aadhaar details will be mandatory to create a new Facebook Account. Nowadays, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms as we know to connect people from across the globe. This social platform has been working on bringing great features all the time, and the latest features are to link your Aadhaar card details to your new account. Lately, Facebook has confirmed testing the Aadhaar card details, to your Facebook account. This feature has come to into play to avoid all sorts of fake accounts available on the platform by entering the card details while logging in.

India is the second most copious market in the US.  Facebook’s mobile site is presently testing a prompt to your name as per on card though making a new account on the social network to control down the fake accounts. It’s a great way to daunt users from using fake names on Facebook.

Though, a Facebook’s spokesperson stated “We want to ensure that the users use a name, they are usually known as on Facebook, which makes it simpler to attach to their friends and family. This is a minor test which makes it easier than ever to identify them by friends while signing up.” Though, only a limited number of people are getting that quick while creating a fresh account and therefore we also tried making a new account and were requested to enter the name as per on AADHAAR Card.

Now, the prompt displays only when you try to make a new Facebook Account from its mobile browser and for the registered users using its mobile app will not enter any particulars though signing up. Furthermore, we are not sure if the Facebook is planning to make it obligatory to link your AADHAAR particulars to your Facebook Account as Facebook has established zilch.

Particularly, connecting your AADHAAR minutiae has become obligatory on your mobile numbers, bank accounts, and PAN cards newly by Government of India as well as was part of the grave discussion of mistreating your facts as you just requisite AADHAAR number and every connected feature will flash in front of you. Still, linking your UDAI details does avoid doubling but is also a matter of worry if the particulars get out-of-place.

For the time being, nothing is established if Facebook will make using AADHAAR particulars required or not but is a great way to blackout the fake accounts and is also a matter of concern over confidentiality. Though, if anything gets established, we will keep you well-versed of our end as this is only a small test for an individual imperfect number of users.

It’s indeed a great step towards the privacy of the users and others users to protect from any sort of problem. Social media brings a lot of power along, and it attaches a great responsibility as well to take care of the user’s privacy.

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