How to Apply for AADHAAR Card – Complete Procedure

By | July 4, 2018

A majority of people in India would surely know about the AADHAAR Card, which was established in 2009. But for those who aren’t aware of this for any reason, here we are providing you with the information about AADHAAR Card and how you can go about performing the registration process for the same. Following this tutorial, you are going to be ready for the registration process, without facing any hassle whilst visiting the AADHAAR Card Centers.

Here we go with the AADHAAR Card Registration Procedure:

  • The AADHAAR card enrollment is free of cost and intended solely for the citizens of India.
  • You might be able to apply for an AADHAAR card at any location, anywhere in India.

How can you apply for AADHAAR card online?

  • First, you must recognize the fact that not every AADHAAR card center delivers the online appointment registration amenities.
  • To verify whether the center adjacent to your place offers the online appointment facility, you may check it when you visit, which the official website of AADHAAR.
  • Whilst you have registered yourself for an online appointment at the official website, you must keep the necessary documents handy at the time you are going to the proposed center and must be present there at the allocated date and time.

How to request for an AADHAAR card at the center?

  • In case an AADHAAR card center adjacent to your place isn’t offering the online appointment registration service, you may walk-in to any proximate AADHAAR card center, deprived of erstwhile appointment.
  • You may also be able to locate the neighboring AADHAR Card Center on the portal.

What are the necessary documents to apply for an AADHAAR card?

Usually, you require 1 identity proof along with 1 address proof document to apply for AADHAAR card. To know more regarding the documents needed to register for an AADHAAR card, you must visit the official portal for AADHAAR.

In any case, somebody within your household doesn’t possess the valid documents; he or she might still register if his/her name subsists in the family entitlement certificate. In this situation, the Head of the Family given in the entitlement certificate requires being registered at first with the legal Identity proof and Address proof document. The head of the family might then present the remaining members of the household for the enrollment or registration.

In case there aren’t any documents accessible whatsoever, that citizen might take assistance from the Introducers available at the registration center. To know more on this issue, you may contact the concerned Registrar Office.

Where is the AADHAAR card application form available/provided?

You might be able to obtain the free AADHAAR card application form or forms from the AADHAAR card center, or you might as well download it from, which is a one-stop junction for all your AADHAAR related queries. You may enroll, download the form, get answers to your questions, and get further information about your AADHAAR on this certified official website.

It is worthwhile to get it downloaded, printed, and further get Photostat copies for the remaining members in the family and visit the nearest AADHAAR card center together with the completely filled application form for a faster checkout.

If you want to download the AADHAAR card registration form and further learn how you need to fill AADHAAR Card application form you may go through the guidelines provided on the official website.

On the AADHAAR card center your fingerprints, photograph, and iris scan are going to be performed since it is a part of the whole enrollment process.

You might as well review the particulars that you have delivered and further make modifications throughout the enrollment process.

You are going to obtain the acknowledgment slip comprising of a provisional enrollment number and more information taken during registration.

You must keep that acknowledgment slip safely, since you are going to require the information provided on this slip whilst you desire to print a duplicate AADHAAR card online, henceforth.

It is requested that you enroll yourself just one time. Enrolling one more time is not going to provide you with any other AADHAAR number.

The information that you have provided is going to be certified centrally. When the verification is successful, you are initially going to obtain an SMS and/or email notification and further following some days the AADHAAR number is going to be printed and delivered to the provided address by means of a post.

Whenever you obtain any Email or SMS confirmation and information regarding your AADHAAR number, you might effortlessly print several duplicate copies of your respective AADHAAR card as you like from e-AADHAAR or

The standard handling time for an AADHAAR card ranges from around 60 – 90 days. But, at times it might take a bit longer owing to the rigorous verification procedure followed and further according to the backlog.

In case, there is any problem discovered in any application throughout any step of the verification process, the counteractive actions are engaged everywhere possible; or else a refusal letter requesting the citizen to re-enroll is mailed via post.

The India Post is assigned with the accountability of printing as well as delivery of the AADHAAR letters. It might take almost 3 – 5 weeks to print and transport the AADHAAR letters to the applicants.

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